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We are dedicated to provide professional clock repair and servicing. Clocks are very much at our heart and nothing gives us more pleasure than to give a new lease of life to mechanical clocks, whether antique, period or modern ones. As a matter of fact, we repair and service most types of mechanical clocks.

In an endeavor to give our clients the best service possible, we provide for the collection of grandfather clock movements from our clients for the necessary repairs. Once at our workshop, all movements are dismantled, cleaned and checked thoroughly. Most of them require new bushings to restore them to their original working state. After the clockwork has been thoroughly tested, re-installation is then carried out as necessary.

Repairs on all work performed by us carry a one-year guarantee.

For assistance please contact Mr. Lino Attard on tel: +356 2133 9632 or 99492386 between 09.15am and 12.00pm. You may also send us an email.

We take care of your timing problems!

Over the past years we have serviced many clocks to the satisfaction of our esteemed clientele.

Unfortunately, many clocks brought over for repair over the years have been left unclaimed and never collected by their owners resulting in a waste of resources, time and money for us. This is a phenomenon common to other local professional clock repairers with the result that undesirable financial losses are made. It is of no use to us having "used" clocks and in any case WE DO NOT SELL SECOND-HAND GOODS!

As a result of these frequent occurrences we have been forced to apply the following terms and conditions to all work that is accepted for repair and servicing:

All clocks that are "brought in" for repairs and servicing are subject to an inspection charge of 20.00. Inspection charges are refundable ONLY after work is performed and will be treated as a "payment on account" and deductible from the Invoice when final payment is made on collection. These rates are subject to change from time to time.

If the customer decides not to have any repairs and servicing carried out, the Inspection Charge will be retained to cover inspection related costs and will not be refunded.

Whilst every care and effort will be made, and all necessary precautions taken in handling Customers' belongings, we cannot accept any responsibility for any accidents and/or damages resulting from services rendered. Clocks and Watches are accepted for repair at Customer's own risk.

WE will not accept any liability, consequential or otherwise, in case of Fire, Theft, and/or any other cause beyond our control. It is up to the customer to insure his/her belongings.

Repaired and/or Serviced articles are exchanged against a Repair ticket on its presentation by the holder. Once the repair ticket is exchanged The Clock Studio accepts no claims for the article's retrieval. If the Repair Ticket is lost, the customer must produce identification, otherwise all rights and/or claims for the article/s entrusted to us will automatically be lost.

All times quoted for completion of work are to be treated as estimates only and do not involve us in any liability for failure to complete the job within such time. In all cases, whether a time for completion is quoted or not, the time of completion shall be extended by a reasonable period if any delay in completion is caused by industrial dispute, mechanical or electrical breakdown, or caused by any cause whatsoever beyond our control.

All quotations made are inclusive of 18% VAT.

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